We would like to invite Christians worldwide, especially children, to write letters to Alvaro (4½), Trinity (4) and Anita (2½), the children of Indonesia who were victims of a church bombing in 2016 in Samarinda, the capital of the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan. They are in dire need of your prayers and encouragement to heal physically and emotionally.

Background Information: 

It was Sunday, November 13, 2016, around 10 a.m. Children were playing and laughing in a church park in Samarinda. They were waiting for their parents who were in the main sanctuary for the Sunday service when a terrorist threw a petrol bomb directly into the church park. It exploded, followed by another one, seconds later.

Four children were severely wounded in the bombing—Alvaro, Trinity, Anita and Intan. Intan passed away a day later. Of the remaining surviving children, Alvaro and Trinity were the most severely injured, requiring long-term treatment until today. All of them are still traumatized by the incident.

The look of the scars on their faces, hands and legs have affected their self-image and personality. “I am ashamed, my bodies are full scars,” said Alvaro. “Trinity loses her temper easily after the blast,” said her mother, Sarinah.

These children are in dire need of your prayers and encouragement to recover physically and mentally from the trauma. They need help to believe in God’s beautiful plan for their lives. Your cards/letters will encourage them to know that you are praying for them and their families. Please address your cards personally to the children—Alvaro, Trinity or Anita. (If you are addressing the cards to the parents, please mention so.)