The crisis in Central African Republic (C.A.R.) has left indelible marks in the lives of its citizens. On April 14, 2013 Seleka rebels fired into the Evangelical Church of the Brethren in the capital city of Bangui. The explosions killed seven people and severely injured at least 33, including three young boys: Jeovani, Dieu and Steven. Open Doors has been involved in the lives of these children, providing prostheses and paying for school fees. Help us encourage them with a card or letter.

Jeovani Mongounou

Nine-year-old Jeovani was sitting on the Sunday School bench when Seleka forces fired three missiles during a service last year. The explosions killed seven and severely injured at least 33 people. Jeovani sustained serious injuries to his lower legs leading to a double amputation. Jeovani is getting used to moving around with his physical injuries, but he is struggling with his new leg prostheses. He needs continuing prayers & encouragement.

Dieu Fera

Eight-year-old Dieu, also injured by the missile attack, lost his mother earlier this year to a protracted illness. He is now living with his father & grandmother. Dieu, happily, is making good progress adapting to his prosthesis and is very happy to be able to run around and play with his friends. Dieu asks questions to help understand what happened to him, and ends up crying. He needs encouragement to walk with his prosthesis.

Steven Malengou

Six-year-old Steven, had to have one leg amputated because of the severity of his injury during the church attack. Shortly after the incident, he kept asking his mother, Marie Noel Azinda, whether his leg would ‘return’. He lives with both his parents, but they too are struggling to provide for all of their needs. Steven is making good progress with adapting to his prosthesis, but he needs encouragement.

Send colorful cards, children’s artwork and letters to encourage these boys.